1. Flummoxed (the creators of Tarvin Village) accept no responsibility for the level of accuracy held within listings. Listings include pages for shops and services as well as all adverts and notices.
    1. It is the responsibility of the owner of the shop or service to correct any errors using the standard update procedure which will be charged under the standard update charge. For current costs see the end of this document.
    2. Corrections will be made in an appropriate manner in a time frame which is acceptable to Flummoxed having received all information necessary for the update and only once the payment has been sent.
  2.  All content is the property of Tarvin Village once the store or service owner has provided the first update/correction to listings. This will be deemed as permission to use any content shown to the store or service owner or contact.
    1. All stores or services will be notified by post (hand delivered) letters outlining the content of their listing upon creation of their pages.
    2. Information included on the first draft of any listing is information gathered from local knowledge and / or Internet searches.
      1. The level of quality of this information cannot be guaranteed and it is the shop or service owner;s responsibility to correct this information as outlines in point 1 above.
    3. Information included on the page is genuinely the best information which Flummoxed could obtain within reason using Internet searches.
    4. Any offensive or inappropriate content will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.
  3. Any personal information held by Flummoxed on behalf of Tarvin Village will be used for the purpose of billing and site development only.
    1. Flummoxed will maintain the best security they can in order to protect this information but cannot guarantee 100% data security.
    2. The best endeavours possible and within reason will be used to protect data.
    3. Minimal information is stored, such as name, phone number, email address for most listings. This is only used for billing purposed.
    4. Information stored in the database which is in the public domain (such as on listings) is not the responsibility of Flummoxed or Tarvin Village.
    5. No information will be knowingly passed on to any other company or organisation.
    6. Email addresses of shops and services will not be made visible to the public. The special anti-spam form will be used to send messages directly from the database ensuring 'bots' cannot steal information such as email addresses.
      1. Despite the special coding and programming behind the anti-spam form, we cannot guarantee that no spam will be received from Tarvin Village.
        1. All emails sent through the website will be stored for no longer than 60 days.
        2. All emails sent through the website will be stored for data protection and to ensure the performance and monitoring of communications to shops and services to ensure the service is not abused by visitors
  4. The design of the site is subject to change at any time and without notice.
    1. The website is designed to run on a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels and on a Windows operating system running Internet Explorer 7+ or FireFox 3.5+. Any other browsers and platforms cannot be guaranteed to work as expected however best endeavours will be made by Flummoxed to ensure cross-platform reliability.
    2. The design of Tarvin Village uses CSS to display correctly and to the best level of accessibility possible.
      1. The exact level of accessibility of individual pages cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Tarvin Village may be removed without prior notice subject to any breach or other unexpected circumstance. Where possible, notice will be given.
  6. Advertising on Tarvin Village will be subject to the standard update charge for adverts for sale or wanted items. For current costs see the end of this document.
    1. Adverts will be added and removed automatically by the database.
    2. Once an advert expires, it will be removed.
      1. To rel-list the advert, the lister must notify Tarvin Village within 24 hours of the end of the listing in order to extend the duration. Failure to do so will result in the advert being automatically removed as per point 5.2.
      2. Listing content cannot be updated once it has been accepted by Tarvin Village.
        1. Once received, Tarvin Village will not make any amendments to your listing. If spelling mistakes or other alterations are wanted, a new advert must be listed.
    3. No refunds will be given for amendments to listings or for listings removed ahead of the expiration period.
    4. The lister cannot dictate how the advert appears, all adverts appear in standard format.
      1. The format of adverts can be changed by Flummoxed without notice.
  7. Tarvin Village is not affiliated with any other company or organisation other than its designer company, Flummoxed.
    1. All invoiced will be provided by Flummoxed and made payable to Ross Brunton as per the instructions given on the invoice.
    2. Payment for any services can be made via internet banking (on a payment by payment agreement basis), cheque or cash.
    3. Credit cards cannot be accepted currently but when they are accepted, a small charge may be added to the transaction to cover processing fees.
  8. Current costs include the following however this list is not exhaustive:
    1. Standard update charge: £15
      1. Any photo manipulation over 5 photos will incur a fee of £0.50 per photo
    2. Advert listing for text only: £0.50 /week
    3. Advert listing for photo ad: £1.00 /week
    4. PDF creation of 1 <= A4 page: £1.00
    5. Custom styled page: From £40
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